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Whether you need to push restart or help with your current closet, we are here to customize the personal shopping experience to your needs. Let us help you maximize your outfits, plan out your dream looks and digitize it in the process.

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Your dedicated stylist will come to you to help reorganize and edit what you already own, determining what works—and donating or selling the rest. Time to plan your dream closet. (Up to 90 min)


After your closet edit, your stylist will explain the next steps with your wishlist and goals. We can bring our retail partnered brands to you for a shopping appointment (8-10 looks) or you can get a closet edit, custom clothing for men or styling your current clothes on you. (Up to 90 min)


Time to feel confident 24/7, 365. No more planning, thinking or feeling frustrated in your closet. We will make sure you have a working wardrobe, love your looks and have an ongoing personalized digital wardrobe of your purchases with outfits. Meet with us throughout the year on your terms.

Member Reviews

I highly recommend them to any Professionals who are too busy to go shopping for who need a team to style their closet.



I highly recommend them to any Professionals who are too busy to go shopping for who need a team to style their closet.



I highly recommend them to any Professionals who are too busy to go shopping fo who need a team to style their closet.



AMAZING! JUST AWESOME!! Couldn’t be more happy working with Lauren! I had so much stuff in my closet from decades ago & she helped go through everything patiently. She is super attentive to detail, so flexible, very responsive and simply great at listening to my needs. I love her eye for style/fits and finding things that are flattering. She really knows her brands/sizing and I love that she keeps it real – she definitely has my trust! What is great is that she gently nudges me into trying something I might not normally and I am amazed how much I end up loving her recommendations. I absolutely LOVE Lauren…she has my highest recommendation!

Danielle P.

I am a professional mom of 4 and time to shop is hard to come by – finding a style that is both classic and functional even harder! Lauren Lawson at Bree Jacoby has been such a life saver! She has made shopping and creating a style so much fun and efficient! She listens and understands both my needs, works within my budget and gets me a little out of my comfort zone to update my closet and make dressing easy and stress free. Lauren is a true professional, passionate about her work and bottom line so much fun to work with! The days of hours wasted searching, ordering online, being frustrated and returns are over! Bree Jacoby has a system that works and is tailored to my needs and my stylist Lauren Lawson could not be able easier to work with! I would recommend without hesitation investing in this service. It’s a game changer!

Dana B.

Love this company! I get giddy when I have an appointment coming up! Madeleine has done a fabulous job with me, getting to know me and my style preferences, encouraging me to take risks that elevate my classic look. Now when I look at some of the older items in my closet, I think: how and why did I ever wear that? With each new appointment, my style becomes more fine tuned, more easy to put together, and way more fun! So glad Bree Jacoby is in my life!

Los Angeles, CA

Tracy E.

I met Bree and Maddy through a Zoom women’s group I’m a part of and WHAT an uplifting experience. They spoke of how each woman can dress according to their body type and look great! It was a awesome gift to give us all during COVID so I bought a membership to their company where Maddy edited my closet and is helping me to be my best where putting outfits together to go out can be challenging let alone buying pieces to go with what I already have. I’m a personal chef that wears a t-shirt and jeans so much I have simply lost my way a bit. I’m super excited with Maddy’s help through Bree Jacoby! I can get ready for events, going out again and feel confident while have a blast and learning all about fashion and being proud of my own body.

Thanks Bree and Maddy!

They help both men and women with the fashion they already have and shop and pick beautiful pieces to spice up your wardrobe and make you look and feel awesome!

Manhattan Beach, CA

Ryan H.

I loved working with Bree and her team! They are 100% professional and so talented! They helped me update my wardrobe by bringing everything to me! I didn’t have to leave my house! I’ve never felt more stylish from head to toe! She has impeccable taste too! I would highly recommend Bree Jacoby!

Beverly Hills, CA

Mac A.

Met Bree about a year ago and I didn’t know where to start so I just scheduled an appointment. Just do it!
I’ve been hooked ever since. I am so picky and hate shopping; I never find anything. Bree and her team have even sent me several boxes during COVID and I fall in love with everything! They make it so easy.

Los Angeles, CA

Nikko S.

Bree and her team helped me find an entirely new wardrobe. They made it easy and fun to find clothes that look great! I’ve found their knowledge about apparel to help me know what to wear in different situations. If you want to look your best, work with Bree and her team!

Salem, OR

Rachel N.

I absolutely love working with Madeleine. She has introduced me to styles and looks that I would have never dreamed of for myself. It is clear that she sees her clients as her friends and she puts so much thought an energy into personalizing the styling experience. Her work has already elevated my wardrobe tremendously and I am so looking forward to starting my virtual membership. Cant wait to see what she has in store for me next!

Austin, TX

Talia G.

I absolutely loved my experience with Bree Jacoby styling. The first thing I did was a closet edit. At first throwing away 10 bags of clothing was frightening but then it was liberating. I wasn’t going to ever fit into those clothes so why was I hanging on to them for years? I was left with the clothes that I actually liked and used. Next up, Bree went shopping for me. Bree is insanely talented. Every time she would pull out an outfit, I would think “I would never buy that.” Then I would try it on and it would fit perfectly and was so cute and flattering. How did I ever shop before her? Well, I know I will never shop alone again. Bree Jacoby styling is the service that you don’t really think you need but you actually do. I highly recommend Bree and her team to anyone who doesn’t have time and wants to step up their styling game.

Los Angeles, CA

Chinae G.

WOW!! I consider myself a stylish person, and I love to shop on my own, but I’m so grateful I was able to work with Casi Stweart of Bree Jacoby to give my closet and wardrobe the refresh that it needed!

Virtual Closet Edit:
Admittedly, I was a bit apprehensive about this. I thought, “if I have something in my closet, I most likely love it.” After Casi and I went through my closet, I ended up with six bags full of things to donate, and I never felt pressured to get rid of anything that I loved. Just the opposite, she gave me a few styling tips for a coat I was struggling to wear. Additionally, Casi came up with pairings of my clothes that I hadn’t thought about; she helped me enhance what I already owned.

Virtual Shopping Appointment:
After the closet edit, Casi and I discussed my aspirational style. I identified a few people whose style I loved and my overall budget. In a few short days, I was notified that a shipment was on its way, and we scheduled a try-on session. She hit the mark on EVERYTHING that was sent. There were even a few surprises that I wouldn’t have chosen for myself but am so happy I now own.

For those who think you could easily go without a stylist, I recommend that you reconsider. Casi & the Bree Jacoby team do wonders. I’m excited to work with them again in a few months!

San Francisco, CA

Alexxa S.

I just did a virtual closet clean out with stylist Lucero Salomon, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. We cleaned out the stuff I haven’t worn in years but still was holding onto. She even showed me how I can re-style some of the stuff I kept. I’ve used her before on wedding styles, vacation packing and styling for everyday looks and going out looks. I honestly wouldn’t trust anyone else. If it were up to me, I’m a jeans and a t-shirt type of person so her unique style has me in outfits I would never pick for myself but LOVE so much. She has stepped my overall style and I would recommend her to anyone who needs a fashion refresher or a closet cleanup.

Los Angeles, CA

Amaris R.

Lucero Salomon is hands down my favorite and go to stylist. We did a closest edit and while I fought her on every item she recommended I tossed, she kept it very professional, fun and creative. I am a huge hoarder and will find every excuse to keep something in my closest, but she made it comfortable and easy for me to let go and move on. Her unique style and professionalism made it easier for me to toss what I thought had value in my everyday style. She gave me great recommendations on the items I kept and what I could pair them with. I am looking forward to the next step in this process, which is SHOPPING. This experience is really allowing me to step out of my comfort zone, try new things and make style FUN!!!! I HIGHLY recommend this company and stylist. It takes professional insight to make us realize what really needs to sit in our closest and what can find a new home. “Out with the old and in with the new” was her closing statement and I couldn’t agree more. THANK YOU SO MUCH LUCERO SALOMON! YOU ARE AWESOME!

Los Angeles, CA

A B.

Love this company! I had a closet clean-up with Lucero Salomon & wow, game changer. I got rid of so many unnecessary things & I feel overall lighter! I can also find my things easier too lol! Not only a closet clean-up, but I travel a lot & go to events in my industry, use her as my go-to stylist for literally everything. Her style is unique, edgy, & classic – haven’t met anyone with her broad range of style. She styled my mom as well who is so picky & my mom loved it, which says a lot! She is my forever stylist! Thanks girl, & the company for hiring her!!!

Ladera Ranch, CA

Aaron D.

I love Bree Jacoby. I am a successful interior designer with a full schedule. While I may be great at creating a life and home clients love, my wardrobe was not on the same level. Bree was able to upgrade my wardrobe, so I am a reflection of my work and the clients I serve. I loathe shopping. Having a stylist bring everything to my home and make decisions in my own space is so much better. With our scheduled appointments, I can put it on my calendar just like any other appointment. I am decisive, so we can quickly make decisions on what to keep. Being able to make purchases through Bree Jacoby is easy. With my new clothes, I have the confidence to express myself and feel at home in my own life.

West Hollywood, CA

Jordi D.

Such an amazing experience, they take take of you from day one! They changed my friend’s style and it is awesome!! It is such an amazing group of people taking care of you that you’ll never regret hiring them! Highly recommend!!

Los Angeles, CA

Nick J.

Being a dad i never spend time on myself anymore. That’s where Bree and Brooke came in! They are amazing! We got rid of 6 – 13gallon trash bags of clothes that I was not wearing it it was uselessly taking up space (they were all dispersed to happy families who are enjoying them now!) something I could’ve never done on my own.

Then, we had 2 sessions and I now have an entire wardrobe full of new clothes that are more in style, I’m super excited about, and feel much more confident about. They brought a different style to me that i was too afraid to try. We accomplished ,probably, over a dozen shopping trips in only 2 sessions…again something I could’ve never done on my own…not to mention Hemster was there to make any tailoring adjustments needed, take them to tailor, and drop them off when they’re done.

This is totally a service that was missing in my life for a long while and totally worth it.

Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA

Mo D.

If you simply want to make your life better, call Bree. As a working mother, and therefore perpetually exhausted, I’ve sadly spent too many mornings putting on clothes that were on top of the pile. Not only will Bree go through that pile, she will improve upon it, and then she’ll probably hang it all up in your now perfectly organized closet. And she’ll do it all with an energy that makes you feel comfortable, safe and inspired. I couldn’t gush more about Bree and her team.

Los Angeles, CA

Beth G.

I was in desperate need of a stylist to help me put together outfits for work and didn’t know where to start. I’d used Nordstrom styling services over the years but found the good stylists there would always come and go and it was hard to find someone I could always rely on. At the same time, I wanted a stylist who had the fashion sense of a celebrity stylist without costing the celebrity fee. Taste is very important to me and I found many of the stylists I looked up online I didn’t love their style so why would I want them to dress me? I finally decided on Bree Jacoby seeing as it was started by a gal with a killer sense of style who used to work at Nordstrom. I got set up right up away with Brooke Lefton who is a fashion guru as well. I immediately liked her and she went to work cleaning out my closet and being honest about looks on me nobody else after had. It was so refreshing! I’ve had two appointments with her now and she continues to impress me with her eye for fashion and what works with my skin tone and body type. She’s also saved me a ton of money in the end as I was able to get rid of a bunch of unworn clothes in my closet that didn’t pass the ‘Brooke test’ that still had the tags on! I am thrilled to finally have someone to help me look my best at work, events and on the weekends. I never thought a stylist was within my reach but I’m thrilled to discover it is. I cannot recommend Bree Jacoby enough!

Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA

Lisa F.

I just completed my second shopping visit with BREE JACOBY Inc. and I am beyond excited about my wardrobe transformation. I recently moved to Scottsdale, Arizona, and my stylist, Monica, is helping change my wardrobe to fit my new lifestyle and travel destinations. The styling team at BREE JACOBY is nailing the designer desert chic look!

Scottsdale, AZ

Tzur G.

Thank you Bree Jacoby & Team for a truly amazing experience. I love your passion, enthusiasm and attention to detail. I feel optimized and more importantly I found a friend in you. There is nothing better than a new friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate :) Wishing you more and more success. Excited for my digitized closet experience.

Brentwood, CA

Mike J.

I was one of Bree’s first clients and would strongly recommend her to anyone looking for a major wardrobe upgrade. Bree is so passionate about what she does and goes the extra mile to make you look great. She takes time understand your personal preferences and goals and gives you creative and honest tips on how to look your best. Shopping in LA is not easy with all the driving around so the time saved of having her shop for you and bring things to your home pays for itself. She’s amazing!

Los Angeles, CA

Kevin V.

As a professional entertainer, first impressions are everything to a client. Although I had a wardrobe of some suits that I loved, I had been looking for a stylist to help me craft clothing that better reflected the quality of my work, and Bree was exactly the person I needed to meet. Within about a 90 minute consult, Bree helped me select some suit separates and shirts that were made custom for my body, and I’ve never been happier with my clothing. In fact, I made another order the same day that I received my first shipment!

Bree Jacoby really is incredible. You won’t be disappointed.

Encinitas, CA

Jake Z.

Two babies and running a rapidly growing company was starting to take its toll on my clothing situation.

Bree came in and saved the day! Now I’m feeling relevant and stylish again. Bree has also become a great friend and resource for many things beyond fashion. Her associate Brook is also first class and equally amazing to work with. These are good hearted and hard working people. If you are looking for help in the clothing department, you’ve come to the right place.

Marina del Rey, CA


Bree was amazing! She got my closet and my look totally dialed in. The process was fun, easy, and way better than I expected! I fully endorse her if you need someone to kick your style in gear and help you make the most of your wardrobe.

Marina del Rey, CA

Will M.

I had a wonderful experience with Bree Jacoby to update my wardrobe. Brooke did a great job determining what items needed to be replaced in my closet, and picked out a good range of clothes for me to try on. I was delighted that Brooke selected fashionable clothes for me that matched my personal style. I was also very impressed by the quality brands that Brooke bought, which were at a lower price point so I was able to stay within my initial budget.

In addition, I really appreciated that Bree Jacoby was committed to make sure that I was happy with each one of my purchases. I’m thrilled with the clothes that I ended up buying. I would definitely recommend Bree Jacoby to anyone looking to update their closet, and I look forward to working with them again.

Los Angeles, CA

Kristin H.

I have been working with Bree for a couple of months now and it has been so much fun and incredibly helpful!

After having my first child 10 months ago, I hated everything in my closet. I felt like nothing I owned fit me right and that I had become completely out of touch with fashion. I was in the wear-yoga-pants-everyday rut. A couple of days after I called Bree, she came over and went through my entire closet. She made the process super fun and easy, and was honest about what worked and what had to go.

A week later, she came back to me house with a whole new wardrobe for me that works for my day-to-day life. I can now easily go into my closet and select cute outfits to wear. There is no more trying on twenty different things before I go out for the night. To top it off, I always get compliments when I wear my new clothes! Thanks Bree for helping me look like I have it together!

New York, NY

Beverli L.

What a great experience it is to work with Brooke from Bree Jacoby. I thought I had done a pretty good job of cleaning out my closet before she arrive. Boy, was I wrong. Once she went through my closet and discarded 20 pairs of pants, 20 pairs of shoes, belts, dresses, shirts, jackets, I could see with a new set of eyes that she was right. She was focused on making me that person that everyone looks at and says “she’s got a great sense of style”. I now feel like that person. As an added bonus, she was able to convince my husband to stop wearing the 20 year old dad jeans, and got him into a few fantastic pairs of pants that make him look younger and thinner. Thanks Brooke!

Playa del Rey, CA

Matthew P.

I have been working with Bree for a couple months now and can say that she has been pivotal in updating my wardrobe and redesigning my social life. I found Bree while I was going through a weight loss period and I knew that in a few months, most of my current wardrobe was going to be obsolete. I had also been meaning to establish a new style for myself, so coming in contact with Bree couldn’t have come at a better time.

When it comes to shopping, I am not the biggest fan. I find shopping for clothes to be exhausting, time consuming and difficult because I don’t have the keenest eye for what looks good on me. I am also very busy and often can’t justify spending the time to go shopping. For these reasons, I rarely ever go out with the intent to purchase clothes.

After meeting Bree, I decided to enlist her help for my problem and she turned out to be the perfect fit (ha, puns). Everything about my experience has been great so far. Bree is enthusiastic and knows her stuff. She was able to identify what pant and shirt sizes I would need just from me telling her my height and weight on the phone. On our first visit, Bree took the time to sit down and learn more about me personally, understanding what kind of lifestyle I live in order to better help me professionally.

During the visit, Bree was very straight forward with what worked and what didn’t, which I appreciated since I don’t like spending a ton of time wondering if I can pull a certain outfit off or not. The external input is crucial for me. We put together a number of outfits that fit what I was looking for and Bree took care of any returns and tailoring. The whole process was streamlined and it was a huge relief to not have to deal with the normal hassles of shopping for clothes. I also had the pleasure of working with Bree’s right hand, Brooke, who is just as pleasant and helpful as Bree is.

I’ve enjoyed my experience with Bree immensely so far, and she gets my highly coveted seal of approval.

Los Angeles, CA

Rachel R.

I recently started working with Bree Jacoby and it has been a game changer. Bree is a personal shopper and stylist who helps you edit your closet and get rid of things that you don’t wear (and don’t need), and then shops for you to build outfits and create a wardrobe that you love. She helped me figure out what to get rid of in my overcrowded closet, which was hugely helpful. Now when I look at my closet, I only have pieces that I love, that pair well together, and that make me feel good. If you want help curating a stylish and functional wardrobe, Bree is your girl.

Sacramento, CA

Sean K.

I can’t say enough great things about Bree and her company. She is a fantastic stylist and has really helped me up my fashion game. I don’t have a lot of time to shop with my busy work and life schedule. Bree has all my measurements and picks clothes for me to try. It’s simple I keep what I like and the rest she takes back. My favorites have been some custom suits, sport jackets and shirts. You can personalize your look to suit your own tastes as well. Bree will make you feel comfortable and she has a fantastic eye for new styles.

Los Angeles, CA

Richard J.

Bree Jacoby is the premier style concierge! They helped me craft the perfect outfit for a high profile presentation and have helped me update my day-to-day style. Bree and Brooke are both amazing!

Los Angeles, CA

Colin M.

Brooke is fantastic. She went through my entire wardrobe, figured out exactly what I was missing, picked out a number of great items, and stuck to budget. She also designed some great custom items for me. What more could I ask for? She’s definitely earned my future business.

Central LA, Los Angeles, CA

Paul H.

Bree and Michelle were great. Their energy, knowledge and response time made this such an amazing experience. My closet needed a serious update. I’m from the South and I’m 35 and I still have some Abercrombie clothes from high school. I have a unique body where larges are tight around the shoulders and XL’s are too wide around the waste and Bree’s custom clothes fit perfectly, use premium fabrics and are the same price or cheaper than Hugo Boss. I bought the majority of their off the rack suggestions. Working with Bree and her team made updating my closet easy and stress free, in fact, it was a lot of fun! Now I can focus on this thing called life rather than spending time in traffic, parking on the top floor of a parking deck and navigating my way through a tourist infested mall. Bree and Michelle have been great style consultants when I go on dates or prep for a business meeting. You will feel more confident about yourself after working with Bree Jacoby, I highly recommend.

North Hollywood, CA

Edward M.

I’m not a big fan of shopping / picking out cloths. I’d tried one of the other personal styling services in the city, but with an ever revolving door of stylists I never felt a sense of continuity or personalization, which left a lot to be desired from the overall experience.

I’ve now been working with Bree for over a year, and it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made.

Not only is she knowledgable, but she’s incredibly enthusiastic and passionate about what she does. She let’s you know what looks good and what doesn’t, and at the end of each appointment you leave feeling excited about how you’ll look at that next big event.

Ultimately you truly feel likes she’s a 100% invested in you. I highly recommend the service.

Los Angeles, CA

Mitchell G.

Before I was introduced to Bree, I’d tried a few of the personal stylist services that are popping up in LA and around the internet. I can safely say that none of them come remotely close to the experience, knowledge, and all-around awesomeness that Bree delivers on every level. And I mean EVERY level. I’ve only started working with her recently, and the compliments have already starting rolling in.

There are many reasons Bree is exceptional, but here are just a few:

– Honest feedback: Bree is no-nonsense in the best way. She’s not afraid to say what she doesn’t like, which is so refreshing because when she does like something, I know it’s true.

– She loves her job: It’s no surprise she’s chosen to make this her business. Every time I’ve met with Bree so far, I could feel her excitement in the room. She gets real joy out of styling, and her energy is contagious. Normally, I’m not a huge fan of trying out and picking clothes. For the first time ever, that’s not the case thanks to Bree.

– Her business model: Because Bree isn’t working for commission, she’s only going to suggest clothes that work, and isn’t simply trying to sell you as much as possible. Not once have I felt like Bree was pushing anything unless she thought I really needed it to build out my wardrobe (and with that I trust her 100%).

Bree’s taste, professionalism, and energy have won me over. She knows what she’s doing, and loves doing it. Couldn’t recommend her more.

Los Angeles, CA

Steve K.

This is my fifth time starting this review, simply because there are SO many good things to say about Bree and what she does. If you read the other reviews, they’ll give you a solid idea of her sense of style and her ability to make you look awesome. Beyond that, what I love is that Bree doesn’t just shop for you, she makes sure you understand WHY you look good and WHY what you get from her works for you. She’s committed to you the person and your success for any occasion; whether it’s for a red carpet premiere or for a casual get-together. I also know that when we work together, I can trust her. That’s what keeps me coming back.

Culver City, CA

Tyler B.

So glad I gave Bree Jacoby a try. Her taste in style is incredible and her knowledge of brands and unique looks to fit your vibe is invaluable. Thoroughly enjoyed my experience with her – very professional, kind, and fun! You want Bree in your corner.

Los Angeles, CA

Abe L.

Brooke is the style concierge you want in your back pocket; whether or not you have any sense of style yourself. She’s lightning fast on the uptake, and will quickly focus in on what matters to you, fits your personality, and makes you look great… then she’ll stretch your limits a little and you’ll love the results. Brooke has fitted me for casual, business, custom suits, and even my wedding tux. The tux was brilliant, far outlasted the marriage, and was definitely the better investment. Whether you’re looking to update your wardrobe, or feel the difference of a custom tailored suit Brooke is the person you want in your corner.

Santa Clara, CA

Erik B.

Bree and her team are as professional as they come. A personalized and custom service, Bree offers a one of a kind experience “tailored” to her clients every needs. She takes the time to get to know your wants and needs. I highly recommend her service.

Beverly Hills, CA

Ira G.

Bree Jacoby knows her stuff!

For me, when it comes to finding good clothes that fit well, you can’t beat custom, particularly for tall men like myself. Bree delivers with professional guidance, premium quality, timely and accessible service at my price convenience.

This service is highly personalized. My stylist works within your mindset and expands it to greater landscape of enduring style and lasting quality.

Working with Bree for over a year; she is knowlegeable and resourceful. Bree Jacoby is a quality custom brand in its own right. Bree is friendly, professional and awesome to work with. Bree has earned my business by going the extra mile in every styling task.

I highly recommend the services of Bree Jacoby Stylist Concierge.

Continued success Bree!

Los Angeles, CA

Karin M.

Brooke is absolutely fantastic! I have been working with her for over a year now and she has helped this East Coast girl turn into a SoCal siren! Her insight is super and she has such good taste. She brings things out I would normally turn away or never pick myself, but then I try them and I’m like WOW!! Brooke has helped me pack for trips too as I travel often and whatever the theme may be or destination she hits it right on the $! Brooke’s now styling my Mom who is recent East Coast transplant too. She rocks and I HIGHLY recommend her services!

Venice, CA

Bree M.

Bree’s ability to dress to impress while still creating a personalized look is brilliant! Her attention to detail and specific styles are spot on when dressing anyone. She is committed to quality, professional and friendly. I loved working with her and her patience with me – someone who needed some serious guidance. You won’t regret it!!!

Los Angeles, CA

Jen D.

Bree has been styling both me and my husband for years and we recommend her to everyone we know! Bree is a true perfectionist when it comes to making sure she nails every measurement and that the finished product is exactly what you had hoped for! Best decision we made was to put our fashion choices in Bree’s hands!


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