Lauren Lawson

Lauren is a Washington D.C. native and has spent her entire career perfecting her infinite rolodex of designer and fit knowledge. Lauren comes from Intermix where she was a top stylist in the country. Lauren’s vast retail styling experience and her eye for fashion will make you stand out and transform. There is no denying her bubbly personality and her ability to make everyone her new best friend.

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Member Reviews

Stefani L.

Where do I even start!!!! This has changed my life! I have never felt this way about a service before. From Bree and the AMAZING team to the kick ass outfits you will see come to life. It is a MUST for every women! I have never felt so confident, stylish, and empowered about my outfits. Lauren L. (my stylist) has fine tuned my style and has shown me what looks right on my body type. I have been so happy with my purchase and feel like I have so many outfit combos (great when packing)!

I think now a days we all need something to look forward to and this has brought me so much joy! I highly recommend Bree and Lauren you will be amazed what can happen with this service!

Stefani L., Long Island City

AMAZING! JUST AWESOME!! Couldn’t be more happy working with Lauren! I had so much stuff in my closet from decades ago & she helped go through everything patiently. She is super attentive to detail, so flexible, very responsive and simply great at listening to my needs. I love her eye for style/fits and finding things that are flattering. She really knows her brands/sizing and I love that she keeps it real – she definitely has my trust! What is great is that she gently nudges me into trying something I might not normally and I am amazed how much I end up loving her recommendations. I absolutely LOVE Lauren…she has my highest recommendation!

Alina, Yorba Linda, CA
Danielle P.

I am a professional mom of 4 and time to shop is hard to come by – finding a style that is both classic and functional even harder! Lauren Lawson at Bree Jacoby has been such a life saver! She has made shopping and creating a style so much fun and efficient! She listens and understands both my needs, works within my budget and gets me a little out of my comfort zone to update my closet and make dressing easy and stress free. Lauren is a true professional, passionate about her work and bottom line so much fun to work with! The days of hours wasted searching, ordering online, being frustrated and returns are over! Bree Jacoby has a system that works and is tailored to my needs and my stylist Lauren Lawson could not be able easier to work with! I would recommend without hesitation investing in this service. It’s a game changer!

Danielle P, Fresno, CA