Published On: April 10, 2020| By | Categories: Styling Tips|

Trends come and go, but black-and-white is FOREVER. Our CEO, Bree Jacoby, is the queen of this eternal look. We asked Bree to break down her B&W looks. They range from casual to formal, edgy to preppy, and classic to avant-garde, so there’s something in there for all of you. Here are her tips to owning this style staple:

Balance is everything:

BJ: “I’m all about the distribution of the tones. Include one all-black piece, one-all white piece, and one mixed piece. This way, your looks won’t slip into the realm of monotone.”

Color pops:

BJ: “I know, we basically just swore off color, but it can’t hurt to add a little here and there. To keep it classy and easy, add color in subtle ways through the details of your accessories or the accents on your clothes and shoes.

Accessories are not an afterthought:

BJ: “Accessories can bring some excitement to an otherwise simple look. Try adding a belt, some jewelry, a hat, a scarf, or even a pair of sunglasses to break up your look and add some texture.”

Follow these three tips, and you’re sure to create a killer B&W look for any occasion. Accessorize, incorporate a color pop, and balance the black and white pieces in your look and you’ll be well on your way to an easy, timeless, and chic AF style.


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