Published On: July 16, 2020| By | Categories: Lifestyle|

After editing countless closets, Bree Jacoby has narrowed down her favorite tips, tricks, and products to help make your closet as organized, convenient, and customized as possible.

Velvet hangers are much sturdier and last much longer than plastic ones. Plus – they prevent items from slipping off, which makes organizing that much easier. 

This diffuser is not only a super cute addition to your home decor, it will also keep all your closet and clothes nice and fresh. 

If you’re in need of a little extra storage or space, check out these super simple bins. Store sweaters, scarves, or socks in the summer, and bathing suits, sandals, and shorts in the winter.

You’re busy enough… no need to waste more time and energy trying to get your shoes on. These shoehorns are super easy to store and work with a variety of shoes.

Sick of your collars creasing or wrinkling? These metal collar stays will keep everything nice and neat.